How do you write? Your Space…

I sit in an overcrowded office area designated for the computer in my home.  It was a small bedroom at one time.  I have paperwork scattered on every surface, random drawings taped to my wall that have to do with ongoing projects, and a dog asleep at my feet.

I have filled the bookshelves with titles like: Dare to be a Great Writer, Creating Character Emotions, a Suffixionary, and of course Roget’s International Thesaurus.

The printer is almost out of paper.  The bill box is full to overflowing as the first of the month is just around the corner. I have my sound turned off  so as not to be distracted by email or Facebook.

A picture of my deceased best friend smiles back at me encouraging me to continue.

Today, I wondered where other writers work, how they process thoughts and thought I’d ask.

So describe your writing space!


2 thoughts on “How do you write? Your Space…

  1. My writing space is a work in progress at the moment! Having just moved into a bigger flat I have earmarked a space for my writing desk to go. I still need to unpack and assemble the desk however… until then, it remains the ‘laptop on the knees’ scenario!

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