New Ways = New crazy!


When I got a bonus from my day job I thought I was being rather intelligent to spend it on better writing tools…Then I met the  Windows 8.1 operating system. Yikes! This is coming from a very reluctant Word 2003 user who upgraded to Word 2007 just last year.  So yes I am behind the times.

Not as behind as some people I know- One coworker (Tom) waits to get his paper paycheck every two weeks and the supervisor I have (Jeff) still refuses to get a cell phone. So all in all I’m not as archaic as most of the people around me.

But I can see some of the new advantages and the big user friendly tiles attract all the gamers and smart phone users. I am not smart enough to have a smart phone, I want my phone to be a phone not a mini pc! I tend to use my phone to talk to people …not text, post to Facebook or take pictures. So when I proudly came home with a new notebook I thought myself savvy and prepared.

First my work place has so many firewalls and restrictions, so Wi-Fi is a pain, available but a pain.

Then to top it off the notebook looks like so many of those touchscreen tablets, but it is not one. So I have to get used to scrolling to the left and all the pad strokes that are CONTINUALLY distracting me with popups I didn’t mean to do. Should probably invest in a mouse.

It was better today when I was at  home on my own Wi-Fi, But Microsoft OFFICE, okay that system just blows!- Word2013 won’t let me save anything without renaming it and loading it to the CLOUD… The cloud sucks!- then I want to file it where I can readily get to it even if I am not online- and that’s another pain… I hate the ONE DRIVE.

So maybe I am old fashioned But I think you should be able to do things how you want with a computer, not how they want you to.

So that’s my rant. I did however get it on tax-free week end so that’s something.  Now back to the old home unit to get some writing done!

Write On-Di


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