Seasons Greetings from AdmireD

The times they are a changin’, for country and neighborhood.

Let’s strive to see each other and to help be understood.

With Thanksgiving starts a season that’s a fitting way to be.

For each of us choose to create beliefs and history.

Christ is in my Christmas, as well as in my heart.

And with hope and in that spirit, I pause here to impart.

Release the smug injustice, just try and take a while,

Listen to other stories, learn the lessons, share a smile.

The miracles of Hanukkah, when lamps near empty lay,

a menorah celebrates the time it burned for eight more days

A child’s game, the Driedel comes from Jewish days of old.

Hiding devout from danger, distracting twirls the past unfolds.

Kwanzaa we must not forget, though religious it is not

With groups of sevens it entails much wisdom to be taught.

The principles and symbols celebrated in this time

Should be practiced by everyone in spite of culture binds!

Winter Solstice is celebrated, in so many varied ways,

From as far back as we began staring at the stars ablaze.

Reminding all, as seasons change and each year comes to end,

To warmly celebrate when gathering with family and friends.

No matter what you may believe, or how you choose to live.

It’s not about what you might take, but what your heart can give!

So whatever be your reason, that you celebrate this year,

Find this heartfelt greeting, of your Holiday, sincere!

If I caused you to wonder, at anything you find,

Cherish each and every person, in this Season, so sublime.

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