Unknown NYC

We went on a hunt yesterday. On the quest to see Cole Porters PIANO. It was at the Waldorf Astoria and after transferring subways and walking almost 9 blocks we arrived.

DSC_0777[1] It was a hot day, and as we entered the coolness of the marble floors and air conditioning was welcome. The steep steps to get to the lobby were not. I searched for a bit finding several pianos, non of which  knew to be Coles. Asking the lady at the desk, she pointed close by. “It is in the restaurant they play it daily at 5:30. Stuck in the corner it was tough to get decent picture, but I was able to show how “High Society” was beautiful wood grain finish instead of the normal black of most Baby Grands.

Finding free sites and discoveries in NYC has always been a favorite past time. Everyone goes to the Empire State Building, but how many people know about this free piece of history? Wish we could have stayed around to listen but it is a long way back to Spanish Harlem. My feet were soar and I needed a nap. Who knows what I’ll discover tomorrow?

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