Have Query- Next project

Story Teller coverSo I am in the process of Querying my narrative non-fiction Novel The Angels Within, long process and learning tons. I find sites like Query Shark, Query Tracker, and Writers Digest invaluable.

But the best thing is I can concentrate on writing fiction now. I have interest in my Dystopian romance trilogy so need to lock down the first draft. I started working seriously on this during NANOWRMO last November.  I am at 90,000 plus words and Chapter Twenty Three so far.

My critique group is very encouraging and I think helpful in catching all my little mistakes. Along with the curious questions about each character, they are a tremendous resource to keep me on track. I love hearing what about this person or that  person as if they were real.  To think this entire story was the result of a dream is amazing. I can see the whole think in my mind playing like a movie. I hope it will be done in the style of Divergent.

Set in 2250 in the dome covering what used to be NYC Shall is the official Historian of York Circle. Newton the Second wants Shall to help with a project, right after her childhood hero has been executed. She has to put her misgivings aside and work with the man who signed Milton’s death sentence to save the city as they know it.

And I have two more planets to consider and their stories. I’m pulling out old documents and reworking the entire story arch. Just goes to show you when you write THE END on one piece It should only start Chapter One of the next!

Write On, Diana





Writers in NYC this week


DSC_0820  Jill Shavis I started  reading after joining my first book club.  The Lucky Harbor series was a fun read and each book can stand alone, but we met a community of wonderfully sweet romantic stories.

DSC_0824Carla Cassidy is a Harlequin novelist. She has written well over 150 books in various groups for them. I enjoyed the suspenseful romances the best. The Scene of the Crime series felt like mini movies I could pickup anytime and enjoy. I think her best work to date as the book called LEVEL FIVE, even my DAD loved it.DSC_0822Last, but far from least is NORA ROBERTS. My spouse even loves her because she writes S-Fi series as J.D Robb.

I got signed copies of books to read for months. Thursday through Saturday I will be attending conference workshops and events with the RWA (Romance Writers of America) where each of these authors started with years ago… Who knew I was in such good company?

Unknown NYC

We went on a hunt yesterday. On the quest to see Cole Porters PIANO. It was at the Waldorf Astoria and after transferring subways and walking almost 9 blocks we arrived.

DSC_0777[1] It was a hot day, and as we entered the coolness of the marble floors and air conditioning was welcome. The steep steps to get to the lobby were not. I searched for a bit finding several pianos, non of which  knew to be Coles. Asking the lady at the desk, she pointed close by. “It is in the restaurant they play it daily at 5:30. Stuck in the corner it was tough to get decent picture, but I was able to show how “High Society” was beautiful wood grain finish instead of the normal black of most Baby Grands.

Finding free sites and discoveries in NYC has always been a favorite past time. Everyone goes to the Empire State Building, but how many people know about this free piece of history? Wish we could have stayed around to listen but it is a long way back to Spanish Harlem. My feet were soar and I needed a nap. Who knows what I’ll discover tomorrow?