2nd PLACE!

It’s about time I shared what some results. Still polishing this project. Am anxiously awaiting my prize $ and certificate but wasn’t it lovely that the Florida chapter sent this pic to announce their results. I am seriously in deep like with those people in Southwest Florida.

I actually did the little happy dance !




I’m on my way!

I feel renewed!- I have entered two contest in the last week, and am polishing my new novel to shine. Also I have begun promoting my self-published works and trying my hand at the marketing aspect of writing.


Through Labor day only 99cents and then till the 10th at 1.99.

Wish me luck!

Have Query- Next project

Story Teller coverSo I am in the process of Querying my narrative non-fiction Novel The Angels Within, long process and learning tons. I find sites like Query Shark, Query Tracker, and Writers Digest invaluable.

But the best thing is I can concentrate on writing fiction now. I have interest in my Dystopian romance trilogy so need to lock down the first draft. I started working seriously on this during NANOWRMO last November.  I am at 90,000 plus words and Chapter Twenty Three so far.

My critique group is very encouraging and I think helpful in catching all my little mistakes. Along with the curious questions about each character, they are a tremendous resource to keep me on track. I love hearing what about this person or that  person as if they were real.  To think this entire story was the result of a dream is amazing. I can see the whole think in my mind playing like a movie. I hope it will be done in the style of Divergent.

Set in 2250 in the dome covering what used to be NYC Shall is the official Historian of York Circle. Newton the Second wants Shall to help with a project, right after her childhood hero has been executed. She has to put her misgivings aside and work with the man who signed Milton’s death sentence to save the city as they know it.

And I have two more planets to consider and their stories. I’m pulling out old documents and reworking the entire story arch. Just goes to show you when you write THE END on one piece It should only start Chapter One of the next!

Write On, Diana




Critique Groups

I am a member of RWA and a local chapter of writers too. I recently went to our first critique group meeting.

What I learned from that first meeting was- we all can improve. What I had wrote and rewrote and slaved over for the last few months was a start- it is not a destination but its a journey.

I have a long way to go. With the help of these ladies I think my road will have less pot-holes. Do you work alone, or with writing partners? I’d love to hear from others about the writing progress. Now its time to get back to it Write On!



Writing News

MY friend Carla Cassidy just got added to the National RWA honor role!

On my writing home front I am working on query’s and synopsis for ANGELS WITHIN, my woman’s fiction novel. Inspired by the decade of drama I spent in the two years I lived with a girl who had 8 personalities. For someone who hates numbers, that was  something else.

It is certainly more difficult doing the pitching than the book was!- Writers meeting tomorrow where we will have a program on both of those aspects of writing. Love that they took my suggestion to heart at the retreat last month, just in time!

Third draft of novel looks pretty good, anyone interested in beta reading?

Writers Meeting Thursday night

When you find like minded people who support your efforts it makes one feel appreciated. Tonight I got two gems, One heart shaped red stone for publishing InspireD this last month and another ivory sparkly round one for completing my first draft of The Angels Within.

Simple little things like a charm for making progress make all the difference in the world. These ladies understand how difficult it is to craft a book no matter the genre. They talk about the craft of writing like it is a deeply important task. And it is. For writing words that may touch someone is a gift. I am blessed to have these people in my life.

Every time we meet I get pumped and excited to return to my desk in my tiny home office and create.

Write ON!

NANO update

As a first timer I was excited to begin the process.

I am on track to complete my first draft, but there is not a lot of activity on the threads. Of course people are probably writing which is the point.  I hope to meet more people in my region who are writers. Independence, Mo is in the MOKAN region.

Do you know of any writers interested in a group meeting. INDIE writers of Independence is a brand new group looking for writers of all levels in all genres. They have a face book page and the leader’s name is Katherine.

We meet on a Tuesday evening once a month so far we have had 3 meetings. We have discussed Plotting and are open to any ideas that help with the craft of writing.

Go NANOWRIMO writers! Good Luck, Di