Critique Groups

I am a member of RWA and a local chapter of writers too. I recently went to our first critique group meeting.

What I learned from that first meeting was- we all can improve. What I had wrote and rewrote and slaved over for the last few months was a start- it is not a destination but its a journey.

I have a long way to go. With the help of these ladies I think my road will have less pot-holes. Do you work alone, or with writing partners? I’d love to hear from others about the writing progress. Now its time to get back to it Write On!




Book 2

New venture InspireD book 2

Inspired FRONT

So a lot of writing is marketing, who knew? I am sure the successful ones did. I guess I need a better platform, fans and viewers. So I am trying once more to be more active in my writing career. If I am ever to meet the personal goal of giving up a 12 hour shift working for a bank in IT- I should get at it and sit my butt in the chair.

Recent news? I have self-published another book InspireD Interactive Reading and Writing, and have made it free for a few days.

A readers and writers dream book, with places to make each book uniquely yours, Diana Day-Admire gives writing prompts and questions to help the most novice of writers want to record words to inspire others.

Wish me luck!


I am now a member of a writers group RWA (Romance Writers of America) This group has opened doors for me and helped me to improved my writing tremendously since joining. I look forward to attending the NYC annual conference this year and meeting successful writers. The likes of Nora Roberts and Carla Cassidy may be there.

Local chapter has monthly meetings and a speaker who gives a presentation on the craft of writing. These meetings have shown me that writing is more than telling a story. It’s hard tedious work.

How do you continue to improve your craft? Are there other organizations that have helped you?