Seasons Greetings from AdmireD

The times they are a changin’, for country and neighborhood.

Let’s strive to see each other and to help be understood.

With Thanksgiving starts a season that’s a fitting way to be.

For each of us choose to create beliefs and history.

Christ is in my Christmas, as well as in my heart.

And with hope and in that spirit, I pause here to impart.

Release the smug injustice, just try and take a while,

Listen to other stories, learn the lessons, share a smile.

The miracles of Hanukkah, when lamps near empty lay,

a menorah celebrates the time it burned for eight more days

A child’s game, the Driedel comes from Jewish days of old.

Hiding devout from danger, distracting twirls the past unfolds.

Kwanzaa we must not forget, though religious it is not

With groups of sevens it entails much wisdom to be taught.

The principles and symbols celebrated in this time

Should be practiced by everyone in spite of culture binds!

Winter Solstice is celebrated, in so many varied ways,

From as far back as we began staring at the stars ablaze.

Reminding all, as seasons change and each year comes to end,

To warmly celebrate when gathering with family and friends.

No matter what you may believe, or how you choose to live.

It’s not about what you might take, but what your heart can give!

So whatever be your reason, that you celebrate this year,

Find this heartfelt greeting, of your Holiday, sincere!

If I caused you to wonder, at anything you find,

Cherish each and every person, in this Season, so sublime.

Places for writers- old post

I have been writing for a long time. Mostly for myself and family- until I ran across the site of in 2004.   There I am called Diny.

Then I started to learn the craft. People there helped me edit my book, my poetry and my thoughts.  I believe I remained true to myself and used the site for what it was originally designed for; to learn and find like minded people who also wanted to do the same. As I continued to grow I noticed the site starting to be more of a social gathering spot. I met writers from all over the world. There was a big gentle guy from Australia, a funny English lady who touched my heart and even regular guys that you would never imagine to possessed a poetic soul.  It was there I first began writing stories and attempted my first novel.

Today I revisited the site and entered a contest which doesn’t even close until after Feb 2015.

I was struck with the feeling of coming home. For no matter how much I continue to work on 2 novels and short stories etc… I will forever remain a poet at heart.

I am looking forward to attending a writers retreat next month and growing more.  It is a pleasant surprise to find writers who share the same love of words and thoughts. The expressing of such things remains a constant joy in my life. When I am down, troubled, or lost in life’s daily drama and routine it is words that take me back to where I find myself most satisfied.

Where do you go to find inspiration?

Write On!- Diny/ Diana/ Di




UPDATE… The writers retreat was fantastic- I want to go every year! I hope to make lots of new friends readers and colleagues, MRW rocks!- Diana

Revisions, edits and time

Let us look at the process of the beginning of a story- First from who’s POV should this be? After much thought I changed that… Then I learned about passive voice and active ones. Then speech tags. Construction and flow. Later a friend of mine who is invaluable to me taught me that DEEP POV… make your reader feel and see the story- They want to know the character and be there with them. Readability is key. All this and we only have words upon a page to portray this…

SO here are three different attempts- See if you agree which one is best

First seven lines…  (old a year ago)

As the tin bell clanged to announce Gina Lever’s entry to the Springtown Café, she inhaled deeply the fragrance of bacon and freshly brewed coffee.  With the millennium just around the corner it was odd to see the decor of the fifties so alive.  Not only did the diner resemble the long ago era but it actually existed, suspended in time, since many of the furnishings were brand new.  The tiny restaurant was the only place to eat in the Arkansas-Missouri border town of Springville. The old Hotel had few visitors, the bottling company had closed and the storefronts were mostly empty, yet The Springville Café was bustling with customers.

Gina looked over toward her usual booth to find it occupied by Matthew Chance.  She also knew why the young man was there; with the death of his grandfather he was alone now.


(newer this year)

His family was broken before he was born.  Matt knew money didn’t buy happiness; he never wanted for anything, but that.  Being the richest kid in the county hadn’t brought much joy to his family situation.  He witnessed family bonds of kids at school and now that graduation was over, Matt wouldn’t even have those examples on a daily basis.  He never knew his parents.  Sam Chance, his grandfather, didn’t share anything least of all information.  Matt would give all his money to have what so many others took for granted.


After study work and suggestions from a real editor…

Holding the last piece of crunchy goodness, Matthew Chance took a bite, I bet you, heaven is full of bacon, he thought as he sat in the Springville Diner. He looked at his watch for the hundredth time this morning. A fresh batch of cinnamon rolls, spread a thick blissful sugary scent over the diners. Matt visualized the huge pecans and melted gooey caramel. His mouth watered as he considering ordering one to go and stabbed the last bit of egg onto his fork. When he was finished, he’d be forced to return to the outside world, a world that thought he should be grieving over his grandfather’s death.

Writers, Yesterday and Today

Searching the internet we can find most anything now days.  I thought I’d never hear my self say this but…”In my day… we had to do things the hard way.”  We had encyclopedias, libraries and as a last resort we would search out other actual people who had experienced things we were writing about.

The young people today, have no idea how involved the research or how intense the drive of the writer had to be to fill the pages. There was a time when Goggle was not a verb!  A time when we wrote in journals and diaries not on computer screens that did all the editing for us, and told us how awful our grammar was.

I find it difficult to identify with the young writer today , who tweets, blogs, facebooks their way through life.  When you have to have a PC or device with you at all times, and reference it in mid sentence or thought constantly, you make me feel as if I am not important enough to be bothered with.  I’ve seen whole families in restaurants all with heads bent to their phones/devices silent just waiting for food to arrive gobble it down and return to their own interest. They were actually texting people sitting next to them at the table. WTH?  See I can do techie! lol

I am all for progress but when does this begin to move us as a whole backwards?  Socially we meet on line, we text instead of actually talk. Our phones do every thing but pee for us- (they haven’t come up with an app for that) When they do someone’s going to make a mint!  And forget about spelling and penmanship.

Last night I was reminded that I needed to dig deeper, show not tell and the same old editors, comments riddled my current ms.   I wonder if I’ve begun to count on technology instead of emotion and experience to complete my work…Just a thought.

So today, I’m back at the craft, back at my desk, back to the past and expressing well enough to have readers feel what I went through. Hopefully they will feel like they’re not alone and someone else understands.

A good mentor- is worth more than all the worlds technology advances in one- Thanks S. B.

Write On!- Di









Editing, Research and People

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.  I remember that quote from somewhere?  Funny how things like that strike you when you are ready.

This year I started my writing with new vigor.  I did silly things I thought might help. I joined a book club. I began reading more, and found I had things I wanted to share.  Getting outside of my little bubble of world I am growing leaps and bounds.

Facebook at times is a distraction but this year I joined some groups and am meeting other writers with the help of social media. Who knew?

I have tried blogging before but never felt anyone was listening or reading this time it’s different.  I have a mentor who is a published author.  She is feeding me so much helpful lessons I can’t wait to sit down at my computer!

I would love to hear from other wanna-be writers and those who are successful.  I am so blessed to have the tool of the internet.  If any of you want some encouragement or tips try this site.

Go Teen Writers- blog… they also have a site and a book available and believe me, I am far from being a teen. But I’m a baby in the field and am soaking up information like a sponge!

Write ON!- Di



Real life creeps in…

Today, I wanted to write. Right? But then I have to be realistic, life won’t stop while I do.

What would I have to do before I could sit down?  Grocery store (check), Call friend (check), put up groceries, (check). Then I’m ready, no?  Of course not, I get so distracted! Clean out potato bin, start load of laundry, boil eggs, dang… I want to get to it!

So once I am out of the kitchen I can begin? No, pay bills, clean desk off, take dogs outside, make list of other things that have to be done before I go back to work in 3 days.

At last I am sitting at my PC… Now write, right?  We shall see what other life things creep in?

By the way.. I have that model of typewriter , but it’s just for atmosphere!