Writers in NYC this week


DSC_0820  Jill Shavis I started  reading after joining my first book club.  The Lucky Harbor series was a fun read and each book can stand alone, but we met a community of wonderfully sweet romantic stories.

DSC_0824Carla Cassidy is a Harlequin novelist. She has written well over 150 books in various groups for them. I enjoyed the suspenseful romances the best. The Scene of the Crime series felt like mini movies I could pickup anytime and enjoy. I think her best work to date as the book called LEVEL FIVE, even my DAD loved it.DSC_0822Last, but far from least is NORA ROBERTS. My spouse even loves her because she writes S-Fi series as J.D Robb.

I got signed copies of books to read for months. Thursday through Saturday I will be attending conference workshops and events with the RWA (Romance Writers of America) where each of these authors started with years ago… Who knew I was in such good company?


My byline…

I have always considered Peter Pan my hero. “I don’t want to grow up”- I heard him sing as a child and still hum it to this day. Yesterday I changed the picture at the top of the blog to a more current one. NYC home is in Spanish Harlem and today we are going to the movies. YES my family gets me… We are going to see the minions.  Yipee! and with any luck we can have hotdogs for supper too.

writers quote

Unknown NYC

We went on a hunt yesterday. On the quest to see Cole Porters PIANO. It was at the Waldorf Astoria and after transferring subways and walking almost 9 blocks we arrived.

DSC_0777[1] It was a hot day, and as we entered the coolness of the marble floors and air conditioning was welcome. The steep steps to get to the lobby were not. I searched for a bit finding several pianos, non of which  knew to be Coles. Asking the lady at the desk, she pointed close by. “It is in the restaurant they play it daily at 5:30. Stuck in the corner it was tough to get decent picture, but I was able to show how “High Society” was beautiful wood grain finish instead of the normal black of most Baby Grands.

Finding free sites and discoveries in NYC has always been a favorite past time. Everyone goes to the Empire State Building, but how many people know about this free piece of history? Wish we could have stayed around to listen but it is a long way back to Spanish Harlem. My feet were soar and I needed a nap. Who knows what I’ll discover tomorrow?

I’m Here!

Made it to NYC okay. It’s in the 70’s which is soooo much nicer than the upper 90’s we have had in K.C. lately. Probably just relax a couple of days go to a movie with my family, dinner and scout out a Cronut if I can. Met a wonderfully nice lady Michelle on the plane and for the first time in my life admitted out loud that I am a writer. (to someone other than family or friends). Conference is next week, I am nervous. Excited and eager I will learn and improve, the first step is being consistent. Hence a new blog post. See you soon. Di

One year

This month is the anniversary of this blog. I haven’t had many views but I still want to attempt to continue. After joining a writers group I was asked if I had a blog and so I will continue my feeble efforts.

Writing is not as easy as I thought,98e1f-_dsc3633 it is possibly the hardest thing I have ever done. The craft of writing takes into count pace, motivation and conflict. GMC- as I have learned is the most important thing to remember.

G= goal . does every character have one, is your story goal oriented? A character can have inner goals, or life changing ones. but he or she must have a reason for the reader to be interested.

M= motivation. What motivates your protagonist or antagonist? Is there something in there present or past that draws the reader in? This is important but don’t info dump too much set up, begin with action! Prologues are amateurish. Show don’t tell how a person comes to terms with their past and goes on with their future. Sprinkle in tid-bits of background creatively throughout the storyline.

C= conflict. Conflict is something that makes a reader want to know what is next. It is not a simple quarrel or discussion that gets heated.When a fire burns down the house and a once rich kid becomes homeless that’s conflict. When a proposal is ignored and feelings of doubt come to the romantic hero that’s conflict. When someone struggles with what they are to do with their life you have conflict. So in that aspect- I guess I am full of it.

As a writer I face conflict, motivation and goals every day. Writing about them in ways that matter will only help me become a better writer and person. And perhaps one day  the world will read my work and think, Wow she can really put onto paper a great tale. I wonder why no one has ever done this before?

Write on!- Diny

Writers Meeting Thursday night

When you find like minded people who support your efforts it makes one feel appreciated. Tonight I got two gems, One heart shaped red stone for publishing InspireD this last month and another ivory sparkly round one for completing my first draft of The Angels Within.

Simple little things like a charm for making progress make all the difference in the world. These ladies understand how difficult it is to craft a book no matter the genre. They talk about the craft of writing like it is a deeply important task. And it is. For writing words that may touch someone is a gift. I am blessed to have these people in my life.

Every time we meet I get pumped and excited to return to my desk in my tiny home office and create.

Write ON!

Book 2

New venture InspireD book 2

Inspired FRONT

So a lot of writing is marketing, who knew? I am sure the successful ones did. I guess I need a better platform, fans and viewers. So I am trying once more to be more active in my writing career. If I am ever to meet the personal goal of giving up a 12 hour shift working for a bank in IT- I should get at it and sit my butt in the chair.

Recent news? I have self-published another book InspireD Interactive Reading and Writing, and have made it free for a few days.

A readers and writers dream book, with places to make each book uniquely yours, Diana Day-Admire gives writing prompts and questions to help the most novice of writers want to record words to inspire others.

Wish me luck!