Have Query- Next project

Story Teller coverSo I am in the process of Querying my narrative non-fiction Novel The Angels Within, long process and learning tons. I find sites like Query Shark, Query Tracker, and Writers Digest invaluable.

But the best thing is I can concentrate on writing fiction now. I have interest in my Dystopian romance trilogy so need to lock down the first draft. I started working seriously on this during NANOWRMO last November.  I am at 90,000 plus words and Chapter Twenty Three so far.

My critique group is very encouraging and I think helpful in catching all my little mistakes. Along with the curious questions about each character, they are a tremendous resource to keep me on track. I love hearing what about this person or that  person as if they were real.  To think this entire story was the result of a dream is amazing. I can see the whole think in my mind playing like a movie. I hope it will be done in the style of Divergent.

Set in 2250 in the dome covering what used to be NYC Shall is the official Historian of York Circle. Newton the Second wants Shall to help with a project, right after her childhood hero has been executed. She has to put her misgivings aside and work with the man who signed Milton’s death sentence to save the city as they know it.

And I have two more planets to consider and their stories. I’m pulling out old documents and reworking the entire story arch. Just goes to show you when you write THE END on one piece It should only start Chapter One of the next!

Write On, Diana





Places for writers- old post

I have been writing for a long time. Mostly for myself and family- until I ran across the site of  fanstory.com in 2004. http://www.fanstory.com/index.jsp   There I am called Diny.

Then I started to learn the craft. People there helped me edit my book, my poetry and my thoughts.  I believe I remained true to myself and used the site for what it was originally designed for; to learn and find like minded people who also wanted to do the same. As I continued to grow I noticed the site starting to be more of a social gathering spot. I met writers from all over the world. There was a big gentle guy from Australia, a funny English lady who touched my heart and even regular guys that you would never imagine to possessed a poetic soul.  It was there I first began writing stories and attempted my first novel.

Today I revisited the site and entered a contest which doesn’t even close until after Feb 2015.

I was struck with the feeling of coming home. For no matter how much I continue to work on 2 novels and short stories etc… I will forever remain a poet at heart.

I am looking forward to attending a writers retreat next month and growing more.  It is a pleasant surprise to find writers who share the same love of words and thoughts. The expressing of such things remains a constant joy in my life. When I am down, troubled, or lost in life’s daily drama and routine it is words that take me back to where I find myself most satisfied.

Where do you go to find inspiration?

Write On!- Diny/ Diana/ Di




UPDATE… The writers retreat was fantastic- I want to go every year! I hope to make lots of new friends readers and colleagues, MRW rocks!- Diana

Writers Retreat MRW

I was as nervous as a cat in a rocking chair factory! I wasn’t published by one of the big 5… I was self published in 2005- did I even belong in a real writers group? Well et me tell you something, there are writers everywhere!- Some ex-cops, school teachers, housewives and professionals who actually make a living doing what I dream of. All of which are as sweet as chocolate! they welcomed me with open arms. They made me feel worthy and down right good!

I understand we all can improve and was down right flabbergasted at the comments after critiques. Those who have been writing for years were as interested in improving and getting help as the novice like myself. Books are another world compared to short stories and poetry. I have learned more in the last 4 days than I have in all life when it comes to writing.

The ladies who shared the weekend with me were so encouraging that I think I might actually be able to do this full-time one day… What a great time. I can’t wait for next year! In the mean time I will be posting excerpts and improving my craft and hopefully bring a new book in the making with me  next year.

Writers, Yesterday and Today

Searching the internet we can find most anything now days.  I thought I’d never hear my self say this but…”In my day… we had to do things the hard way.”  We had encyclopedias, libraries and as a last resort we would search out other actual people who had experienced things we were writing about.

The young people today, have no idea how involved the research or how intense the drive of the writer had to be to fill the pages. There was a time when Goggle was not a verb!  A time when we wrote in journals and diaries not on computer screens that did all the editing for us, and told us how awful our grammar was.

I find it difficult to identify with the young writer today , who tweets, blogs, facebooks their way through life.  When you have to have a PC or device with you at all times, and reference it in mid sentence or thought constantly, you make me feel as if I am not important enough to be bothered with.  I’ve seen whole families in restaurants all with heads bent to their phones/devices silent just waiting for food to arrive gobble it down and return to their own interest. They were actually texting people sitting next to them at the table. WTH?  See I can do techie! lol

I am all for progress but when does this begin to move us as a whole backwards?  Socially we meet on line, we text instead of actually talk. Our phones do every thing but pee for us- (they haven’t come up with an app for that) When they do someone’s going to make a mint!  And forget about spelling and penmanship.

Last night I was reminded that I needed to dig deeper, show not tell and the same old editors, comments riddled my current ms.   I wonder if I’ve begun to count on technology instead of emotion and experience to complete my work…Just a thought.

So today, I’m back at the craft, back at my desk, back to the past and expressing well enough to have readers feel what I went through. Hopefully they will feel like they’re not alone and someone else understands.

A good mentor- is worth more than all the worlds technology advances in one- Thanks S. B.

Write On!- Di